This Safe Isolation Training Low Voltage course is designed to demonstrate the correct and safe isolation techniques and procedures for a variety of electrical switchgear for low voltage electrical switchgear and apparatus only. Whilst explaining in simple and clear terms.

Isolation means the cutting off of the electrical supply to an electrical installation for safety reasons. This is carried out by operating devices that have been provided within the electrical installation for isolation to make the electrical system, or part of it, DEAD.

Once the electrical supply has been isolated, the means of isolation must then be secured so that the system/equipment cannot be inadvertently made live.
It is important that all sources of electrical supply are isolated and the system/equipment proved to be DEAD before work is carried out.
The Electricity at Work Regulations requires the isolation of electrical equipment and systems to prevent danger.

All electrical systems or equipment must be DEAD before installation or maintenance is carried out.

A system is any part of an electrical installation from the source of supply to the equipment installed. The regulations also state that no person shall take part in any work activity unless they possess the necessary technical knowledge and experience in order to prevent danger, or is under suitable supervision.

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Course Content

Electricity at Work Regulations
Electrical Hazards and Precautions
Safe Isolation requirements at the boundary of high voltage installations
Electrical isolation and safety procedures
Safety documentation including switching programme – isolation
Recommended safe isolation procedures


This course is intended to enhance a candidate’s knowledge of statutory regulations, codes of practice, safety procedures and technical aspects of low voltage power systems.
The candidate will also gain an awareness of where to obtain suitable and competent advice for work place procedures and practices to build upon their own continuing professional


This course is suitable for:

All managers and supervisors with responsibility for safe working practices

Electricians of all disciplines i.e. installation, maintenance and fault finding activities

Individuals who wish to understand how to safely isolate electrical equipment prior to installation & maintenance activities, and would gain confidence when they witness safe isolations prior to working on plant and apparatus


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical assessment will receive a course certificate.

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Safe Isolation Training Low Voltage Course

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