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Our site offers the opportunity to purchase pdf documents, training courses and annual authorisation assessment’s. The site is a unique facility to build upon your compliance for safety health and  environment your company is required to achieve and demonstrate.

The products such as safety documents are in our shop for download. Just ask and we can organise your corporate logo or specific criteria so you truly receive a bespoke product demonstrating and using your corporate logo or name.

The courses are split into categories to help you identify or browse subjects. Have a look round as you will see there may be other topics suitable for your colleagues and yourself.

Remember for corporate bookings you can receive individual logins for each employee / candidate and we can produce an LMS Report to enable you to keep your own records of who did what and when. But don’t worry we keep these records too. Your successful candidates will also receive certificates applicable to the subject.

We also offer a unique Annual Authorisation Assessment, these are unique to our clients who contractually wish to have their own review of each employee, to ensure the candidate can be monitored and assessed to ascertain if they need further training or are compliant their own company safe system of work.


If your employer has already signed you up for a course or assessment, you can skip this step and simply log in using the My Account tab.
Then the selection is automatic by entering the voucher code for your employers choice

Step 1

Browser our range of courses or products and sign up

We offer products, courses and assessments for you and your company.
Just browse our website and to make it easy use the My Account button at the top of the page to register with us.
Then select a course or product.

Step 2

Complete the course or assessment

Simply log in to your personal account and select the course from your orders tab on the left of your account page.

You can then complete the course.





The courses vary in length from a few hours to days, and the allocated time for you to study will be dependent upon the number of course lessons for the particular subject.
Remember you can study days / nights / weekends to suit you.

Step 3

Take the Course Assessment

Once you have completed the course lessons you can take the course assessment.

Step 4

Download your certificate

Using your account select the Certificates tab and receive your certificate. This will be kept in our records and your account to just login when its convenient or download and print a copy.

Then for you and your company we keep records of your course study and attendance in our LMS – Learner Management system for your company.

This is unique to us and allows a full management of employee attendance, progress and success whilst identifying any employee who needs further

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