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SES Online is a platform for individuals and companies, So that you can educate, train, provide health & safety information, monitoring, assessment.

The service enables you to invite individuals or groups of employees, contractors and visitors to receive pre-arranged services on your behalf. Or you can purchase today, just the service you require.

SES Online offers a convenient local training resource to anyone, at anytime. Saving on travel, accommodation and minimising unproductive time required to travel to and from education assessment centres.

You can also buy all your company documentation and products associated with our industry from our shop, so you can purchase a complete document package, or even a day out with an engineer……..

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How does it work?

  1. Browse our site
  2. Choose a product or course category
  3. Select a product or course
  4. Pay for the course or register your voucher
  5. Complete your details
  6. We confirm the purchase
  7. Complete the course
  8. Receive a certificate

Want to find out about how SES Online Training can work for you, fitting your learning around your schedule…

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