Our  City & Guilds Accredited Certificate in Substation Access and Awareness of High Voltage Power Systems course is for persons who require Substation Access and Awareness of High Voltage Power Systems or low voltage switchrooms or control stations, and are required to work in the vicinity of, but not on electrical power equipment. The course covers the safety requirements for working in the vicinity of High Voltage electrical equipment, it highlights electrical hazards and the precautions necessary to avoid danger.

The course will ensure all candidates who successfully achieve the course, have demonstrated their professionalism, safe behaviour and competence to understand and manage their responsibilities when entering, working inside or exiting electrical substations and switchrooms.

The course covers the arrangement of equipment within substations and switchrooms, safety procedures, understanding of key safes and Hasp systems and steps to be taken in an emergency.

“Whilst every effort is made to ensure our E-Learning is suitable across all devices, we suggest you ensure your web browser is current. SES E-Learning standards strongly recommend a normal desk top computer screen as a absolute minimum requirement. The best device would be a computer or Laptop, but the course can be completed on a large 10inch tablet device. The device you use must have sound enabled as the course includes voiceovers to enhance the learning experience.”

You can enrol at any time and you are required to complete the course within twelve weeks. (This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete)

  • Course Content
  • Aim
  • Participants
  • Certification

Course Content

  • Safety requirements
  • Reasons to specifically keep to designated routes
  • Electrical hazards and precautions
  • Basic Recognised Signs associated with HV Networks
  • What to look for to indicate hazards
  • Arrangement of high voltage substations
  • Basic high voltage safety procedures
  • The role of Protection
  • Emergency conditions
  • Demonstration of switchgear principles
  • Electrical incidents
  • What is a safety document and types
  • What you can do to aid safety
  • Course review


To enable personnel to enter substations and switchrooms for specific duties and to recognise the dangers associated with high voltage power equipment, up to and including 33 kV.

These duties may include:

  • Meter reading
  • Switchroom lighting
  • Telephone repairs
  • Cleaning etc.
  • Asbestos related audits or licensed and non licensed work
  • Fire Systems installation or maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance of structures
  • Security


Electrical/non-electrical personnel with no previous experience of electrical power systems, who require Restricted Authorisation to permit access to areas containing High Voltage Electrical Apparatus with a view to undertaking specific duties.


Candidates who successfully complete the City & Guilds Accredited Multiple Choice assessment will receive a certificate of competence.

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High Voltage Substation Access & Awareness Course

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