Our PPE training course is essential for those businesses who wish to comply with legislation by educating employees, supervisors and line management of the fundamental requirements and understanding of PPE.

This Personal Protective Equipment course will ensure everyone particularly supervisors and management have an understanding of PPE and the legislative requirements for Personal Protective Equipment PPE.

The PPE course will also reinforce current understanding of the importance to record issue, replacement and wearing correctly without alteration for everyone.


  • Course Content
  • Aim
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  • Certification

Course Content

Selection and Use including application
Classes of PPE
Maintenance of PPE
Information and Training for users of PPE


To ensure employees understand the importance of PPE and the need for correct use, application and maintenance of PPE including the pre-inspection before use in line with manufacturers recommendations and instructions.

The Personal Protective Course will also ensure Employees, Supervisors , Line Management and Directors understand what PPE is, and how to ensure legislation is complied with.


This course is suitable for managers and employees alike in all types of workplaces and industries, as an understanding of PPE requirements will exist in all workplaces to some degree.


Delegates will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion of the course.

To demonstrate an individuals understanding for the correct use, application and management of PPE.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

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