Employees need to understand the implications of working with Lead and how to work safely.

This Lead awareness training course will ensure employees understand how to work safely and Managers will understand key points of legislation to assist in your business becoming compliant with The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 – CLAW Regs.

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Course Content

Introduction to Lead Awareness
Common Uses
Lead and the Law
Lead Controls
Exposure Limits
Health Implications & Symptoms


To ensure managers, supervisors, auditors and employees receive training and assessment of their understanding of working with Lead and understand the consequences of being exposed to Lead.
To ensure awareness of The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (CLAW) for all candidates.


All persons who work with Lead or are likely to be exposed to Lead in their environment.

This includes and is not limited to, cable jointers, construction workers, carpenters, builders, painters and decorators, and plumbers.


Candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Competence to demonstrate their understanding of the legislation and safe working practices.

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Lead Awareness Training

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