Annual Authorisation Assessments

“Our Triple A” Annual Authorisation Assessments are available to our clients who have opted for our company to annually monitor there employees.

If you would like to receive annual assessments for the required monitoring of your employees, sub-contractors or other parties please contact us to arrange or discuss your requirements.

This bespoke service will ensure you manage your responsibility and consistently identify training requirements confirming the valid authorisation or failings in competencies of individuals. You will also be able to identify that your staff are compliant and current in their understanding of their role and responsibility’s.

The Triple A’s allow you to register your nominated persons with us, and we will invoice you direct to ease the requirement for claims and expenses from individuals and ensure you get the most competitive rates too.

If you manage, authorise or monitor employees this service gives a consistent, efficient and supportive tool to you with documented evidence showing the training needs or proficiency of your nominated persons.

The Triple A’S are not training courses, only an annual assessment to demonstrate your nominated person is current in the latest rules, regulations and procedures.