Working together

SES Training Solutions understand your companies need to provide information and training.

Companies often find it difficult when challenged to demonstrate their employees have adequate training and that information has been disseminated to everyone and that is has been understood.

We can help you to do this, and you will have records with times and dates to help you demonstrate when, where and how you gave information and training to your employees. Our LMS captures all the information to show that persons logged in and where, with time to read and digest the information or training.

SES Training Solutions can offer a monthly fee for each individual to have continued access to this platform, so when you employees feel a refresher is required, there is no need to wait until you give authorisation. Our system will allow annual assessments and access to the training resources we offer contractually to you.

Your company gets a service for all your training needs, and a monthly fee that is manageable for each employee.

For example you could have employee training and access for:

Asbestos Awareness
Electrical Awareness
Fire Awareness
Manual Handling
PPE Training
Working at Height

All this training can be received annually for one fixed monthly fee at a discount to our normal open access course fees.